Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brooke's new bike!

It was a big day in our 4 year old's world today. She bought her very first bike! That's right; SHE decided that's how she wanted to use her Christmas money. She's waited patiently all week for our trip to Walmart this weekend, and now the weather is too cold for her to even go outside. The garage made a good enough track after riding it through the aisles at Walmart!

Australia, Arkansas...same thing?!?!

We had a funny moment this week when I met the mom of one of the boys on Bryce's basketball team. She says, "So, you moved here from Australia?" Her son came home and told her Australia, not Arkansas! Easy mistake, right? The accents are close enough. Ha Ha

Upward B-ball

Bryce did awesome in his first and last game with his FBC Springdale Upward team. He came out of his shell, played amazing and scored 18 points! It was a very proud parent moment for Brad and I! He totally wore himself out and was a bit red-faced!

Here's a pic of his Arkansas team. Fortunately, we were able to find a team here in Texas for him to finish the season with, so he's still playing and loving it. and I couldn't resist posting a pic of my favorite (and best dressed) Upward coach! Love ya Lisa!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Texas, here we come!

Make that 5,254!!!
The kids went to the North Pole at Christmas and liked it so much, they're gonna stay! :)

Few Christmas Pics

We had an awesome Christmas in Texas this year. Thank goodness Santa got the message that we wouldn't be at home! Here's a pic of the kids leaving cookies and milk for him Christmas Eve.
We had fun hanging out with our cousins...Kailey, Abigail, Bryce, Wade, Benson and Brooke.Caden was the big recipient of the tie box at the Black family Christmas this year. Who knows how long it's been around and exactly how many times it's been passed! I'm not sure that Caden even knew what a tie was???
Brooke and Bryce with Braden and Aubrey