Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brooke and the Rainbow Unicorn!

For Brooke's 6th birthday party, she wanted a REAL horse! "Unicorns are real, aren't they mom?" is what she asked me on the morning of her birthday! We definitely had to be flexible with her party this year! We woke up the morning of her scheduled party to 6 inches of SNOW (on the first day of Spring, I might add!). Walmart called at 8am and said their designer couldn't make it to work, so there was no one to make her cake. And there was the obvious question, can a Rainbow Unicorn (and 6 year old girls) handle rides in the snow??? Thankfully, we were able to postpone her party for 2 days, and we ended up with a sunny and 70 degree day! Yeah! Brooke was in HEAVEN! She had a blast!

San Antonio - Spring Break 2010

After not taking a vacation in quite a while, we were all very excited to go somewhere! (just wish we could have gotten there some way OTHER than I-35!) We had a blast at Sea World! They cancelled our 'Dinner with Shamu'...taking precautions after the incident in Orlando, but instead, we got did a 'Dolphin Encounter' where we got to get up close and personal with the dolphins. The kids LOVED it!

Can you see Brooke? She said she loved the ride, but I think she was a bit scared too!

After waiting almost an hour and a half, Bryce and I had a blast riding the log ride...a very chilly log ride!
We loved seeing "Shampoo" as he is kindly called in our house. Bryce called him that when he was 2, and it just kind of stuck! The trainers were very cautious in the shows; they didn't get in the water with the whales. It was still amazing to see the killer whales...and especially Baby Shamu, who just followed his mom around while she did tricks! Very cute!

Can you find Brad?

Remember the Alamo!