Friday, October 30, 2009

Sock Hop

Brooke was up early and SO excited to finally wear her poodle skirt today for the Sock Hop at school! She looked so cute in her blinged out poodle skirt! Bryce was too cool to participate. I couldn't even get him to wear a white T-shirt! But as I was dropping him off at school and he saw everyone else dressed up, he did say it was ok if I brought him a white T-shirt to wear with his jeans.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


WOW, what a week we had at the state championship tournament in big Sulphur Springs, TX last week! Bryce's team went undefeated, winning the tournament and moving on to the National tournament in Louisiana this weekend! Here's a few highlight pics...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are the champions...

We had a great (and hot) Father's Day at the baseball fields (well, after a great morning at church!)
WooHoo! Way to go Prosper All-Stars! Bryce's team won their district tourney, and not only did they win, they run ruled the other teams in all 6 games they played! We will now move on and play in the state tournament in big Sulphur Springs, TX starting on July 4! Happy Vacation to us! :)
It was so special that Brad's dad could also be there for the championship game on Sunday! Like father, like son!
Such a cute group of boys...and awesome ball players too!
TROOPER is Brooke's new nickname! She definitely deserves the "sister of the year" award for being a trooper through all of brother's games! This is another trooper lil sis in this pic with her!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's been busy, but fun times around our house lately! Bryce tried out for the Prosper All-Star baseball team last week and made the 1st team! So, we are all about baseball around here...AGAIN! He's acquired a lot of cool new stuff for the team too...and these are just his practic jerseys! He's pretty pumped, and we're very proud of him.
The kids and I went to Waco for a few days last week to hang out with the cousins. These boys are way too big!
We were so excited to see that the Baylor bear does actually wake up and come out of his (actually, I think it's her) little cave. This is probably the 10th time we've stopped by the bear pit, and the first time we've actually seen a bear awake! Of course she was only up for a second, but it was still fun to see her up.
AWANA awards at church...It's always big fun to walk across stage and get your name called out!

Bryce's last day of school this year was on SATURDAY, May 30, and to get all the kids to show up, they did their awards ceremony that morning. We were very proud of Bryce for receiving an "A Honor Roll" award...and the token field day award!
We've adjusted pretty well to being back in Texas and living in Prosper, but it's been so fun to have some Arkansas friends move here too! Here's a pic of Brooke and Lowery on the merry go round at Stonebriar Mall (a little different than a trip to the NWA mall!)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bryce's buz and Brooke's big week

Last week was eventful in our house! In yet another attempt to be even more like his daddy, Bryce got a buz...from Daddy of course!
Brooke graduated from preschool! Such a bittersweet moment. She did a great job marching in to pomp & circumstance, singing "Moving up to Kindergarten" and receiving her diploma!
"All I want for Christmas (this year...and the next 3!!!!) is my 2 front teeth!" Brooke had to have her front 2 teeth pulled. A pocket of infection had formed above the roots of these teeth because of a couple bad falls and that would have scarred the adult teeth if left alone. She was SO brave and did a great job. She's been very proud to show off her empty mouth which is pretty cute now. The tooth fairy brought her 2 $2 bills!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy ending to a tough day

Brad's grandmother "Mom" went to see Jesus today, so we are rejoicing for that even though it's tough to say goodbye. She lived 94 precious years! This picture was taken in the spring of 2006...The happy end to the day is that Bryce asked Jesus into his heart! Good can come out of all things! Bryce was excited that Mom got to be in heaven with Jesus. We're so happy and blessed that he wants the same someday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Both kids schools hosted a Mother's Day Tea last week! It was such special times at each event! Bryce's class made all the moms hats (Kentucky Derby hats as Bryce said) out of butcher paper; mine had a "veil" so it was quite large! It was such a cute idea! His class recited a cute poem, drew sweet pictures for the moms, and made a video of them reading journal entires they had written about their sweet!
Broooke was so excited to serve me a brownie and muffin (even though she ate my brownie!). Her class sang a bunch of songs for us...once again, so sweet! On Saturday Brad had us all load up because he said they were taking me shopping for Mother's Day. Of course, he wouldn't say where we were going. He pulled up to the AT&T store to get me a new phone! Me being practical thought my old phone still worked fine, but he wanted me to be up with the rest of the world. I know it was very difficult for him to do this, that's what made it so special...I got an iphone...BEFORE HIM!!! I have always received Brad's hand-me-down phones, so this was big news! Thanks baby! Now I just have to learn how to use it!

Friday, May 1, 2009

4 shots

Today was the kid's well child doctor appointments which would typically be no big deal except that Brooke had to get 4 shots. We've known it was coming for a couple weeks. At Kindergarten registration they told us the 4 that she still needed in order to start school. When she found that out, she changed her mind and decided she didn't want to go to Kindergarten after all (which didn't bother mommy). Anyways, I really thought today would be fine after all our talks about being brave. The nurse started to give her the first shot (after using numbing spray), and Brooke screamed and reached down and pulled the shot out of her leg!!!! I thought I was holding her hands well, but obviously, I wasn't. The nurse decided to let Brooke calm down for a minute (yea, right). 10 minutes later, 2 nurses come in with candy (didn't work) and the 4 shots. Brooke has NEVER cried and screamed bloody murder like she did today. It was awful! I was crying too by the time it was over. It was a completely horrible and extremely traumatic experience...but she can go to Kindergarten now. Hope it's worth it.
She's all better now and showing off her beautiful bandaids.
And here's the 5th bandaid from the shot she pulled out. She really scared the nurse when she did that too! She's trying to pretend to scream like she did this afternoon...nice try!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happ Birthday Bryce!

8 years ago our precious lil' boy was born...
Last year I started a tradition of decorating my kids' bedrooms the night before their birthdays. Even though it's such a new tradition, Bryce was already expecting it, so we had to get creative. We "wrapped" his room and stacked tp rolls all over to look like 8s. It was pretty cute and I think he was excited when he woke up (and still sleepy too!)
We celebrated with a laser tag party. The boys had a blast (the 8 year olds did too!) HA - I think Brad, his dad, brother and a couple other dads had the most fun!

Our poor kids (I act like they're deprived and they totally are NOT) have never had any big toys in the backyard, so they were pretty pumped with Bryce's (and Brooke's) birthday present...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had an awesome Easter weekend: church Friday night, an egg hunt with friends, baseball, church Sunday morning, and a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home! Here's a pic of the fam at church Easter morning.

Prosper Baseball

It's pretty much baseball every night at our house right now, except Wednesday thank goodness! How cute is this...
With Prosper being a small town ALL the baseball teams are the Prosper Eagles. It's pretty fun that everyone is so excited about our town, but I'm thinking we might get tired of green at some point!?!? In Bryce's league there are 9 teams, and every single team is the Prosper Eagles! Go Eagles! Here's a pic of Bryce playing 2nd base.And here's our star T-ball player! She's having a blast.
It isn't bothering her one bit that she's the only girl on the team...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And so it begins...again!!

As most of you know, spring is our favorite time of the year. The time changes, the flowers begin to bloom, the weather starts to warm up, and for those of you that dont know us that well, WE PLAY BALL!!! This year is VERY special because our baby is now in t-ball which means we are having up to 6 games and practices a week. Here is a little sample of Bryces 2nd game and I will upload Brookes video soon.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Training

Here's a couple pics and cute videos from Spring Training at Brooke's preschool. It all tied together with a baseball theme, and it was so cute!
Everyone knows that Brooke loves to be on stage, so she's in her prime right here!
Friend of God...

Yes Lord...

Shark Attack...probably the cutest!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our baby is 5!!!

It's been so long since I've made a post, I almost forgot how to do it!?!?!?

Well, our baby turned 5 last week! So hard to believe! 5 years has completely flown by. Here she was 5 years ago...
And here she is now "all grown up"She was so excited to have a horse theme for her party! The original plan was to have an OUTSIDE party in our backyard with the kids making stick horses, playing games, and busting a pinata...all outside! Well, when we woke up to snow flurries the morning of the party, plan B had to kick into effect! It all turned out great INSIDE our house! And did I mention that pretty much everyone invited was able to come, so that meant 17 kids. How does that happen when you're new in town? Anyways, we made stick horses in the dining room, raced their horses around "barrels" in the living room, and did the pinata in the garage. Brad did an AWESOME job ring leading all the games. Thank you baby!Thnaks to Springdale 1st graders, we had a great way to make stick horses for all the kids! All my Texas friends thought I was so creative! Ha!
Brooke was so excited to have Abby (pretty much her 1st friend ever) at her party. The only party Abby has ever missed was the birthday Brooke celebrated in Arkansas.
And yes, I did make the cake. Borrowed that idea too! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brooke's new bike!

It was a big day in our 4 year old's world today. She bought her very first bike! That's right; SHE decided that's how she wanted to use her Christmas money. She's waited patiently all week for our trip to Walmart this weekend, and now the weather is too cold for her to even go outside. The garage made a good enough track after riding it through the aisles at Walmart!