Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another visit from the tooth fairy!

Brooke lost her first tooth...on her own! She is so proud to have another hole in her mouth. She finally decided to be brave and let Daddy "pull" it out (I don't even think it was attached in any way shape or form!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cowboys vs. Eagles

Brad and Bryce got to make their first trip to Cowboys Stadium last Sunday to watch the Cowboys BEAT the Eagles!!! They had an awesome time! The original plan was for all four of us to go, and then the plan was for just Brad and I to go since we ended up with 2 tickets (and b/c it was our anniversary!) :) But, it gave me much MORE JOY to let Bryce go in my place. He drew pictures of the field throughout church drawing all the players and the scoreboard with the Cowboys winning, of course...and that was before we even told him he was going!!! Once we got home from church, I asked him what time the game started, and then, handed him the tickets to see if he could figure it out! He was PUMPED!!! Brooke and I enjoyed a fun girls afternoon, and Brad and I will be celebrating our anniversary this coming weekend!