Monday, September 29, 2008

True to his roots...

This one's for you mom! He wore his Texas jersey proudly to school today after a lil' slaughter on the hogs this weekend. He'll probably turn around and wear his Razorback jersey tomorrow, but for today...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Superstar, Fall Ball, Happy Fall, & Hangin' Around

It's a BIG deal to be the Superstar at Brooke's preschool, and she earned that privilege yesterday. Yeah Brooke! She loves going to school and playing school even when she's not there. She's doing a great job learning all her letters, even though her favorite is still "B"...guess that's a good thing!

Bryce is busy(like almost every day busy) with Fall baseball right now. He loves playing even though it's football season right now and not baseball season, he says. He excels at baseball on the field but is consumed in just about every other way, shape and form with football right now. His baseball team, the Red Dogs, is currently undefeated, so that's pretty fun (and a big change from last spring!)...even though supposedly no one is keeping score!
We were happy to welcome Fall this week! Although, it was cooler in August than it is now!!!
In the little spare time where he's not playing baseball or watching football, we have found a little time to just play and hang around! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

I haven't given any updates at all since I began my work in LA since April, but I thought that this was worth sharing. The past few days have been a real wake up call to the reality of mother nature and her wrath. We, those of us in Texas and Arkansas, may not understand the havoc that a hurricane can create in your life. I hope we will all remember to pray for those in south Texas and Louisiana for their safety and future as they are beaten by these storms. You may not realize how far reaching one of these storms can be, but Ike who hit at Galveston last night and today knocked out the power at my RV park on Thursday night with high winds and rain as it knocked down another tree. Thats a 5 hour drive away from where I am at and I still felt the effects. Here are only a few of the pics that I will share with you.

This mobile home is next door to my RV park

This is a LARGE root ball

This tree is about 4 ft in diameter and the last trailer in the back with the blue around the bottom is mine. Maybe 40 yards away.

These three are on the same road that I am staying on

This trailer is in the RV park I am staying in

This is at a near by park

The first time I drove by the tree was still there and you couldnt see the white car at all

I counted about 15 large trees that were down in this one yard

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playing catch up!

After a trip out of town and being sucked into the Facebook world, I've been a blogging slacker, so I thought I'd catch up here! We got to spend a few hours(literally) with Brad as he flew home from Maine and got ready again to hit the road back to Louisiana. The kids are liking him traveling (well, within reason) because they're getting goodies everywhere Daddy goes. Bryce's football jersey collection now includes the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. I'm personally hoping that his collection doesn't grow anymore b/c I'm ready to have Brad home! And Brooke was thrilled to get a new Princess necklace!
In the eyes of a 4 year old, nothing beats a dress up day with a good friend!

It's not often that I have a non-kid picture to post! I got to go to Houston (The Woodlands) last weekend to visit my "favorite friend" Carrie and be there for Baby Will's baby shower. It was so fun and a much needed mommy break!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome Baby Addison!

She is so tiny and so precious