Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happ Birthday Bryce!

8 years ago our precious lil' boy was born...
Last year I started a tradition of decorating my kids' bedrooms the night before their birthdays. Even though it's such a new tradition, Bryce was already expecting it, so we had to get creative. We "wrapped" his room and stacked tp rolls all over to look like 8s. It was pretty cute and I think he was excited when he woke up (and still sleepy too!)
We celebrated with a laser tag party. The boys had a blast (the 8 year olds did too!) HA - I think Brad, his dad, brother and a couple other dads had the most fun!

Our poor kids (I act like they're deprived and they totally are NOT) have never had any big toys in the backyard, so they were pretty pumped with Bryce's (and Brooke's) birthday present...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had an awesome Easter weekend: church Friday night, an egg hunt with friends, baseball, church Sunday morning, and a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home! Here's a pic of the fam at church Easter morning.

Prosper Baseball

It's pretty much baseball every night at our house right now, except Wednesday thank goodness! How cute is this...
With Prosper being a small town ALL the baseball teams are the Prosper Eagles. It's pretty fun that everyone is so excited about our town, but I'm thinking we might get tired of green at some point!?!? In Bryce's league there are 9 teams, and every single team is the Prosper Eagles! Go Eagles! Here's a pic of Bryce playing 2nd base.And here's our star T-ball player! She's having a blast.
It isn't bothering her one bit that she's the only girl on the team...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And so it begins...again!!

As most of you know, spring is our favorite time of the year. The time changes, the flowers begin to bloom, the weather starts to warm up, and for those of you that dont know us that well, WE PLAY BALL!!! This year is VERY special because our baby is now in t-ball which means we are having up to 6 games and practices a week. Here is a little sample of Bryces 2nd game and I will upload Brookes video soon.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Training

Here's a couple pics and cute videos from Spring Training at Brooke's preschool. It all tied together with a baseball theme, and it was so cute!
Everyone knows that Brooke loves to be on stage, so she's in her prime right here!
Friend of God...

Yes Lord...

Shark Attack...probably the cutest!