Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are the champions...

We had a great (and hot) Father's Day at the baseball fields (well, after a great morning at church!)
WooHoo! Way to go Prosper All-Stars! Bryce's team won their district tourney, and not only did they win, they run ruled the other teams in all 6 games they played! We will now move on and play in the state tournament in big Sulphur Springs, TX starting on July 4! Happy Vacation to us! :)
It was so special that Brad's dad could also be there for the championship game on Sunday! Like father, like son!
Such a cute group of boys...and awesome ball players too!
TROOPER is Brooke's new nickname! She definitely deserves the "sister of the year" award for being a trooper through all of brother's games! This is another trooper lil sis in this pic with her!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's been busy, but fun times around our house lately! Bryce tried out for the Prosper All-Star baseball team last week and made the 1st team! So, we are all about baseball around here...AGAIN! He's acquired a lot of cool new stuff for the team too...and these are just his practic jerseys! He's pretty pumped, and we're very proud of him.
The kids and I went to Waco for a few days last week to hang out with the cousins. These boys are way too big!
We were so excited to see that the Baylor bear does actually wake up and come out of his (actually, I think it's her) little cave. This is probably the 10th time we've stopped by the bear pit, and the first time we've actually seen a bear awake! Of course she was only up for a second, but it was still fun to see her up.
AWANA awards at church...It's always big fun to walk across stage and get your name called out!

Bryce's last day of school this year was on SATURDAY, May 30, and to get all the kids to show up, they did their awards ceremony that morning. We were very proud of Bryce for receiving an "A Honor Roll" award...and the token field day award!
We've adjusted pretty well to being back in Texas and living in Prosper, but it's been so fun to have some Arkansas friends move here too! Here's a pic of Brooke and Lowery on the merry go round at Stonebriar Mall (a little different than a trip to the NWA mall!)